Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maybelline Turbo Boost Volume Express Mascara - A total must have!

Hey Guys!

Finally been able to get back on here - sorry it has been so long, life has been pretty hectic for the last wee while. Promise things will be on track for some great blogging from now on! 

Right - My review of Maybelline's Turbo Boost Volume Express Mascara.

This mascara is by far one of the best mascara's that I have used. Now I adore mascara - there is not a day that goes by that I don't use it and always make sure I have one on hand! 

I am the type of person that loves big bold thick lashes - if you are that type to then this is the perfect mascara for you! It is not clumpy, not too wet or dry and awful. It is just right. I always buy black mascara and this one is just that - jet black! My current tube is almost 2 months old and still has alot of life yet - this says alot for someone who wears it everyday!

I find it easy to remove at night time with face wipes or whatever you use - it comes off with ease and does not leave black panda eyes for you! :) Another great thing is it wears well, I don't buy waterproof mascara as I am not a fan so for a non waterproof this wears well. No smudging or flaking off.

So all in all - a great mascara. Now I have used just about every mascara brand you can think of and this by far excels some of the more expensive brands.

This retails for approx $25 so is a real bargain if it lasts you 3 months. I always replace mascara after 3 months to ensure cleanliness and quality :)

Above is a pic of me wearing Maybelline Turbo Volume Express - this is my everyday look. I achieve this by first using eyelash curlers for about 3-5 seconds per eye. Then I apply 1-2 coats of mascara then let them dry. This is vital to achieve the big lash look! Once they are dry I apply desired coats following the above method until I get my desired look!