Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vaseline Cocoa Butter - a must have!

Welcome to my first product review!

Its Vaseline Cocoa Butter - this stuff is amazing and smells divine!

I have been looking for a good skin moisturizer for a long time. I have found so many that are greasy and don't absorb in to the skin very well, or they feel as if you haven't moisturized at all and your skin is still uber dry! 

Well this moisturizer by Vaseline is my new best friend - it is enriched with cocoa butter and vitamin E, smells absolutely yummy and best of all it is absorbed into the skin very quickly! It does not leave a greasy residue at all but leaves your skin with a slight sparkle to it and feeling so soft. I totally recommened it if you haven't tried it yet as you won't be disspointed!

Best of all it won't break the bank, it's available at super markets, chemists, The Warehouse, K-Mart etc for around $11.99. I would say Super markets would be your cheapest option as that's where I got mine from. 

Happy moisturizing! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

First all of I should introduce myself - I am Leanna Corlett, I live in Palmerston North - New Zealand. I am 22 years old and live with partner and rottweiler Boss. I run my own small business from home - which I sell hot clothing and footwear online - check out

I have a love of all things make-up, fashion, handbags, heels, basically anything girly I am into! I think makeup is something anyone can wear, it doesn't matter your size, shape or colour anyone can wear it and feel instantly amazing! I believe that fashion should also be for anyone - shape or size should not matter! Everyone deserves to look and feel amazing everyday!

With this blog I will be reviewing clothing, makeup and beauty products, accessories, heels, footwear. Basically anything fashion I can get my hands on - you will know about. Any fab finds of products you will be the first to know about them! 

So.. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to post any comments or suggestions - I always love hearing from people!

Leanna xx